tour diary - fall '05

11-26-2005 - blonde shells
quite the last minute notice on this show, i think i got an email maybe 4 hours before it started. luckily i got the email before i left to work on the balloon project. it is at this house in silver spring that is run by the family that throws shows for their children's high school friends. one of the acts i was playing with had just finished touring on the warped tour, quite a ball of wax i'd say. apparently i need to buy some batteries.

Set list - in teach abroad you'll see the world, 31 and luvin it, where is my mind, dana scully saves lives, dinosaurs, 3-23-2003.

11-27-2005 - pa's
oh when oh when will the roads end, the drive to boston is quite without end (especially when one cannot reach one's tapes). i did see huge amounts of traffic up a head in massachusetts, darted off of the road, and found a beautiful christmas lit village of old new england.

the show itself turned out quite nice. the barkeep, jerry had such a thick accent and i got into a dicussion of economics with one of the regulars. the show space was sooooooo big though, so i moved all of my stuff off of the stage and played in the middle of the room. long wires. everyone really dug it though and happyness ensued. the other bands were pretty good and rocking (the fixations, the braves from rockford illinois, and abernathy). abe, the drummer from abernathy, let me crash at his place which was quite nice.

Set list - in teach abroad you'll see the world, dinosaurs, indian summer, 31 and luvin it, still, 3-23-2003

11-28-2005 - the red door
well i began the morning in lowell, massachusetts, an old industrial revolution town renowned for its textile mills. carl and i walked the streets a bit and came across a memorial for jack keourack [sic]. i want to go to mexico. we then drove up to portsmouth via the beach and breathed in the salty sea air. smelling salts of spirits.

the show was at this place with no sign, just a red door. it was called the reddoor. this lovely young lady name laurel puts on a monday night indie show that is well attended by all of the hipsters in town. what a great idea! first playing was matt lyndon from brooklyn who was quite nice. then performed tarpigh of portland maine. they were amazing. their last song, the harmonium/trumpet/accordian player walked into the audience with a chest and changed into a fishermans outfit with this giant freaky fishermans mask and played accordian behind everyone. wow. carl and i also did a great set, but during the last song i hit my head on a low hanging two by four and nearly knocked myself out. though i didn't and the show went on (though i have quite a headache now).

Set list - portsmouth sound check song, in teach abroad you'll see the world, dana scully saves lives, indian summer, 31 and luvin it, start the stars, dinosaurs, the seasons reversed. . ., 3-23-2003.

11-29-2005 - the strange maine
ugh my head hurts. i with i was hungover instead. and its early.

portland is full of bricks. everything is brick. even the cars. and the boats. they all sink. including the one that goes to canada. i really wanted to go to nova scotia and pretend i was canadian and had socialized medicine.

don't see shop girl, though i don't think you had intentions to do so anyway. carl didn't even like it .

the strange maine was so kindly. godbois, a local synth cat, openned. despite some technical problems he was really nice to listen to and was writing some cool songs. my set was sedate but i did hide behind some records, played my guitar (gosh), and did a noise improv with some cicada samples (i wanted to use the rain storm sample but apparently its on old carl still). shoppers garden was fricking great. they are two street musician/artist name kardawg and michael and they do this primitive drum/bass thing. and they get everyone in the audience to bang on playschool instruments and cans, while they sing gibberish, norwegian, and "rock your body till your body drops." they let me crash at their pad and it was good. that is what i said.

Set list - snow is here let me hold your hand, dana scully saves lives, isolation, love and play, cicadas are killing my brain, 3-23-2003.

11-30-2005 - the grow room
my horroscope gave me four stars today, i like multiple stars. raining all day is no fun, im going to sleep by the side of the road.

the grow room is a pretty sweet venue and it was nice to see so many old friends. luke from lucky dragons apparently has decided to make sure all of his "gear" can fit into a plastic bag. greg and his guitar playing friend were quite nice and the ten seconds of hissy fruit i caught were great. i also missed most of the unicorn hardon's set. providence and their weird ten minute sets, i thought mine were short. john from deertick was very kind to let me stay at his place and we got to watch bottlerockets

Set list - portsmouth soundcheck song, snow is here let me hold your hand, indian summer, dana scully saves lives, i died today (bernstein bears), dinosaurs, the seasons reversed. . . , 3-23-2003.

12-01-2005 - no show
hung out in new york with my friend aaron and we saw syriana. its hard to folow but it rocks. rocks rocks.

12-02-2005 - house party in morgantown wva
there was scary snow on the mountain roads.

wasn't sure how this one was going to turn out since it was just me and i was in west virginia, but all was not lost. jakuta did an impromptu acoustic set at a local coffee shop to get the people in the mood and there was quite a response at the actual party. we even had a little circle discussion of the marianas islands. typical extraordinary wildness and sedation.

Set list - oh i so dont remember.

12-03-2005 - no show
hung out with my friends in baltimore.

12-04-2005 - third rail radio
home sweet home. i heart wmuc. played a little instrumental set with the boys of down with gender and the cutest of the cute known as the buffali.

Set list - snow poem #121, protest of the downtrodden, cicadas are killing my brain, marianias islands, ssb, portsmouth.