tour diary

3-11-2004 - Super Happy Fun Land
The place was quite nice. Olivia and her compatriot were quite friendly and hospitable. the place was a converted church, complete with pew (a lot like the church of the friendly ghots, except its was brighty and hippy and nice). She sowed my pants when i split them during my set (oops), painted me a salvador dali mustache, and showed me her sock animals. The set itself went pretty well, though there was a technical issue as always. the only glitches should be drum beats. kristoph & the communist manifesto were pretty rockin, every one of their songs ended with the same circus techno beat and the singer kept shouting out "who's the boss, who's the boss, who's the boss? tony danza." he also crawled up in the rafters.

Set list - i want to have your bebes, what's that dripping on my head? (guitar only), indian summer, in teach abroad you'll see the world, dana scully saves lives, start the stars, the seasons reversed . . . , still

super happy funland sign
the art space
mirror in the bathroom
my mustache and me
who's the cat?

3-12-2004 - cafe mundi
Also quite a friendly venue as well. it was in quite the warehouse district. i got to meet joe who was in charge of paiting a mural on the side of the warehouse across the street. we talked about cortez, how certain symbols show up in cultures around the world and the end of the mayan calender. apparently the universe is going to reverse direction in 2012, or so he told me. some crazy youngun's from anderson high school came out to see me as well as mike from pa. quite nice. real live tigers were quite pleasant, it's really nice to hear tony's songs with a cello. my set went pretty well, though my guitar went so out of tune during love and play i cut the song short and just summed up the rest of it while i tuned. millions (my housemate dave suss) had some problems though, his foot switch was loose and the virbrations from his feedback were causing it to short out, so i sat behind his amp and held his footswich in place while he played. didn't got to cafe mojo afterwards (instead dave, this other guy i live with wells, and i rented ichi the killer and watched that).

Set list - i want to have your bebes (sound check song), the sun is shining, 31 & luving it, isolation, in teach abroad you'll see the world, love & play, start the stars, dead ducks in the dirty ground

3-13-2004 - the hide out
no luck today. what a suprise the hippy that offered me the show changed his mind because was more into saving his job (which wasn't even threatened by having me perform with him) than into being free. it makes me seem like a wild beast.

Set list - none

3-14-2004 - murphy's
another bum night. the place was just like a country dive bar. i got there early and the guy that "booked" it told me to come back at nine. so i left, wrote a bunch of silly country songs about texas to play and relearned the lyrics to some skynyrd tunes, but upon returning he had "booked" (oh wait i don't need quotes for that one) and the bar keep wouldn't let me play. so i ordered a shirley temple and played two games of tetris on an arcade machine with a tempermental joystick.

Set list - none

3-15-2004 - springwater supper club
hotel bible quote of the morning - "better is a dry morsel with quietness, than a house full of feasting with strife". off to memphis center to check out sun studios and lorrain motel before we head onto nashville to play with magnapop.

um no magnapop. the local guy didn't even show up. some barfly told me i was a good guitar player. i like this idea of keeping track of my set lists and boy i have been rocking much harder. if a singer/songwriter sings in a dive bar and noone is there to hear it does he sing?

Set list - the sun is smiling, 3-23-2003, bitter, short, and not too sweet, what's that dripping on my head?, skip to my loop, love and play, all i have to do is dream, advice to the graduate, in teach abroad youll see the world, dead ducks in the dirty ground, still (carl got fet up after skipped to my loop and refused to play)