A new album of noise compositions is out now. It's called sfo [writches]. Enjoy. You can listen to and buy it here.

We got a write up from Greg Svitil of Silo Halo in Impose Magazine on the best 7"s of all time for DC artists!

jakuta and carl are up on bandcamp now if you want to buy some mp3 albums! also expect some new releases in the near future.


Thanks to emma schwartz for the video.

The two sets:
Dana Scully Saves Lives
Start the Stars + Indian Summer
Dinosaurs + 31 and Luvin' It

The band is getting back together. Jakuta and Carl are playing a show at iota in arlington. Jakuta will also be the MC for the evening. Also playing are the super amazing space travellers known as the cassettes and dc's drawbridges.

Jakuta will be playing his first show under his new solo acoustic act in the near future. The show will be on May 4th at Bella Cafe on 9th Street. More information forthcoming.


We are back from the dead and doing a mini tour with Disposable Thumbs. 11/19 - Greensboro, NC @ Maya Gallery. 11/20 - Asheville, NC @ Blackout Effectors. 11/21 - Durham, NC @ BCHQ. The first two shows will also be with Workday/Schoolnight and the last one will be with The ExMonkeys.